Other LSR Resources

1.   Unbundling Resource Center.  The ABA’s “Delivery” Committee (Standing Committee on Delivery of Legal Services) has collected materials that are intended to improve access to lawyers by those who cannot afford full fee legal assistance but are ineligible for free legal services.  The site keeps up with current trends and reported decisions on issues in this area and has a very thorough collection of reports, articles, and practical information for lawyers who are either planning or expanding their LSR practices.  http://www.americanbar.org/groups/delivery_legal_services.html(accessed January 25, 2012)

2.  SelfHelpSupport.org

An award-winning site that supports a growing network of self-help program practitioners with an online clearinghouse of information relating to self-representation.

http://www.SelfHelpSupport.org (accessed January 25, 2012)



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