Lawyers as Entrepreneurs

It isn’t as antithetical as one might think:  lawyers are generally very creative and many are employed in ways where they frequently provide practical guidance to entrepreneurs and other business people.  My previous post was about recent research indicating that some of the obstacles to an uptake in LSR services are self-imposed.  That “bad” side of conservatism for which the legal profession is too easily lampooned.  (Remember the jokes about how lawyers took so long to embrace technology?)

In that context, it is quite refreshing to see experienced, successful private law firms branching out into creative, entrepreneurial lines of legal services intended to meet the needs of the HUGE under-served pool of prospective clients out there.  One example of that is Negotiated Divorce.  Dig into their website and you will see an approach that blends online access, self-help features and related services for those who need more.

Lawyers are quintessential problem- solvers. You’d think more of them would take on the challenge of solving our legal service delivery problems the way Negotiated Divorce has begun to do.

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