Addition by Subtraction

A couple of comments recently from people who have read the book are interesting when you consider them together.  One person wrote that people were contacting her asking her to handle only parts of their legal matters, even though she had done no advertising at all.  She was thoughtfully working on ways to handle this growing demand and reported that she made good use of the resources in my book.  The other person said he was considering offering LSR, but thought it may detract too much from the perceived value of his full-scope representation business (which, he admitted, was not keeping him fully busy).

This is one of the apparent (g00d) paradoxes presented by LSR:  you can actually have more business by doing less for your clients than most small firm and solo practitioners have by sticking to full-scope, traditional legal services.  I expand on the math in Start and Grow Your Limited Scope Practice: How to Make Money Serving the “Do It Yourself” Client, but the basic premise is that high-volume, low-involvement legal services are in higher demand than highly-personalized, high-involvement legal services.

As any public or county law librarian in a county of any significant size can confirm, there are a lot of people who are willing and able to pay for “help” but do not know where to get it.  Get my book to get ideas on how to find and market to these eager prospects.  You’ll be glad you did!


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