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Immitation: the Sincerest Form of Flattery

If you have not read the book, Start and Grow Your Limited Scope Practice, (purchase details at right), you have missed out on the practical guidance and unique tips for getting your limited scope representation practice up and running.

You can get a sense of one part of the book, however, from today’s Wall Street Journal. In the Small Business Report section, Barbara Haislip has an article, “If You Want to Beat ‘Em, Learn From ‘Em First: Your future competitors have a lot to teach you.” In the article, Ms. Haislip observes:

Researching your rivals is a vital step for entrepreneurs entering a market…Yet too many small companies don’t do that homework.

Though her article focuses on steps a start-up should follow before entering a competitive marketplace, the concepts are equally valid–as I note in my book in more depth–for a new way of doing business in an established market.¬†LSR practitioners can learn a LOT from other entrepreneurs in non-legal businesses in their target area and apply those lessons to improve the success of their LSR practice.

What are you waiting for? Other lawyers are starting to see the vast, untapped market of willing consumers who can pay some money for limited scope services and who are overlooked or even rejected by lawyers unable to restructure their office practice to take advantage of the opportunity these eager consumers present. Every day you wait is another day someone else has to get ahead of you. Flatter those other businesses by imitating what works for them and don’t be shy about letting them know how they helped you. You may find a rich source of referrals and peers with whom to network in the process.

So get your copy of my book today and learn how you can Start and Grow Your Limited Scope Practice. It may be the most profitable $10 you have ever invested!

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