LSR Is About Innovation!

In an opinion piece that appeared September 7, 2012, on, Juan Ramirez advocates adapting innovative technologies such as the Internet, video conferencing and even virtual reality programs such as “Second Life” to the needs of the ADR system.  “[I]t would be useful to view technology not as a mechanism for replacing lawyers, mediators and arbitrators,” he writes, “but as a way to adjust their roles.”

That captures one of the key points discussed in my book, Start and Grow Your Limited Scope Practice: How to Make Money Serving the “Do It Yourself” Client (UK, DE, FR):  there are novel ways to deliver legal services that are much in demand at prices that more people can afford.  We, as lawyers, need only think innovatively and creatively.

The book includes a number of ideas you will not find anywhere else, including those books that cost several times more than this one.  Specifically, one chapter, “A 7-Step Plan for Success,” walks the reader through the process of identifying the need and other aspects of the local market, then tailoring the marketing and delivery of services to them.

There are no limits to the creative ways that motivated lawyers can find to serve clients who need their services.  Traditions have their value, but when they hold us back and block our innovative thought processes, they get in the way.  While Ramirez’s idea of using virtual people to resolve disputes seems far-fetched, I have to ask, “why not?”  Some solutions we have not imagined will one day be common place in the legal services profession.  Will any of them be your idea?

LSR is one type of law practice that is exploding.  Will you be left behind or will you get into the marketplace at the forefront?


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