Anyone Can Learn This!

In Start and Grow Your Limited Scope Practice: How to Make Money Serving the “Do It Yourself” Client, I go through the basic entry-level aspects of starting a brand new LSR practice or adding it to your existing law practice.  Also included are expert-level recommendations and tips you will not find anywhere else.  It is all jammed into this eBook for under $10 that you can download right now and start reading, even if you do not have a Kindle!  (More details on that at the right.)

Most law school grads have little training on how to actually make a living practicing law.  They hope someone will “give them a job” when they graduate so they can gradually build the confidence to possibly strike out on their own or with a few partners.  In the current economy, that is increasingly rare.  But don’t waste your legal education; get started on your own using the guidance in my book.  You are the primary audience I wrote it for!

If you have already read the book, I hope you will share your comments and experiences on this site.  My goal is to inspire and motivate all lawyers, law students and law professors to embrace this service delivery model and then innovate further to find new and better ways to address the vast unmet legal needs of the public.  One person called it, “legal services for the other 99%.” I don’t know about that, but I can vouch for the existence of at least a huge number of everyday people who want to pay and can pay something for limited legal assistance.

All you need to do is make it easy for them to do so (and you will find many ideas in the book).

What is stopping you?


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