“Obomny Care” for Law?

Whether you agree or disagree with some or all of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (also known by a lot of names like Obama Care), the reality is that the medical services sector is adapting to it.  What can we learn from their efforts that will help a Limited Scope Representation practice?

One thing is how the medical profession is considering or already implementing changes in direct services to patients.  Facing a predicted shortage of primary care physicians until medical schools can catch up to the growth in the number of insured patients, hospitals, clinics and small physician practices are looking for new ways to meet the needs of patients in an effective, efficient and profitable manner.  (Sound familiar?)

There are going to be changes in the way insurance companies pay for and physicians practice medicine, and those are likely to occur whether or not the law’s provisions all remain intact.  Some physicians will change the interludes between procedures and follow-up office visits; others will delegate more patient interaction to their assistants.  All will look for more ways to operate with greater effectiveness at lower costs.

In my book, I explain the benefits of learning from other professions and businesses in your community.  I expect we will see some inspiring creativity in the medical field in coming years that will spark innovation in the legal services world among others.


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