50+ apply for $10,000/year associate position!

The headline in the ABA Journal caught a lot of attention: “More Than 50 Would-Be Associates Have Now Applied for $10,000-a-Year Boston Law Firm Job.”  It seems enough people want to get their foot in the door and learn (or re-enter) law practice that the below-minimum-wage salary is not an obstacle.  (Ever thought about how much money that firm will make off of its starving associates?)

Why not be your own boss and make even more money?  The thought of striking out on your own frightens many.  But “Start and Grow Your Limited Scope Practice” will show you that the venture is not so frightening.  You can even get going right in your own home or favorite coffee shop.  It is a rare opportunity that is “low risk; high reward.”

The book covers all the basics and will certainly trigger your own innovative ideas to launch, promote and expand yourpractice.  Grow at your own pace, but at least it will be your practice that grows.  You can do it!

If you have already gotten started, send me an email to tell me about your practice.  I am collecting success stories now to write about in an upcoming post.  There is nothing like a little free publicity, right?


P.S.  And speaking of publicity, many thanks to Neil Squillante and his crew for including the book in their invaluable SmallLaw 2012 Summer Reading list available through the Technolawyer SmallLaw newsletter and Technolawyer blog!  If you have read my book, you already know how much I like the Technolawyer.  Check it out and subscribe.  You will be glad you did.


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