Could you use Twuffer?

So you bought the book, downloaded it directly to your ebook reader, and launched your limited scope representation (unbundled) practice.  Promotion is a challenge for any law firm, but it is crucial for LSR practices because (a) many prospective clients do not know the option even exists and (b) you have a new service that needs to get attention.

If you created a Twitter account, you have likely already concluded “this takes too much time and effort!”  While celebreties and media pros make tweeting part of their everyday work and lives (and or pay someone on their staff to make sure that their followers are consistently fed), that is probably not in your immediate business plan.  So how can you effectively use Twitter without feeling you are wasting valuable (and billable) time?

Enter the Twitter buffer: Twuffer!  With a tool like Twuffer, you can load up dozens of tweets and set up a schedule for them to go out.  You get to focus your social media promotional time into a concentrated couple of hours each month, then turn your attention to other things that every small and solo practioner must attend to.

Here are a few tips:

1.  Set up your Twitter account(s) first.  You will need to have that in place before Twuffer can work for you.

2.  Use a spreadsheet or something similar to organize your tweets.  It helps to have a long series of tweets displayed visually so you can see the pattern and make sure you get the sequence you intend.

3.  Track the tweets you have posted as well as those you have loaded up for future posts, then update the spreadsheet to keep it current.  It is amazing how easily we forget which tweets we did and did not post last week or month!

4.  Consider a theme.  One month you may want to promote one type of service, for example; the next month, you can tweet about other things such as updates in the law.

5.  Watch the “fail” tab.  If a tweet does not successfully post, Twuffer records the event in its “fail tab” along with the reason.  The best reason for a “fail?”  It was an unintended double-tweet repeat.  Twuffer catches those in case you did not intend to come across as some tweeting robot on autopilot. 

With a Twitter buffer like Twuffer, you can appear to be “in” with social media without sacrificing important productivity hours during the week.  (And your followers will be amazed at your apparent lack of sleep!)



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