The Best Form of Advertisement

In her new webinar, available soon from the Practising Law Institute, lawyer and private family law judge M. Sue Talia remarks that “limited scope representation clients who are happy will be the best source of referrals.”  I completely agree!

As I explained in an earlier post, the social media age we are in means you cannot safely ignore the way consumer feedback spreads at the speed of light.  Do not simply guess that a satisfied or unsatisfied client might comment to others; expect it.

With well-trained thumbs, a client can comment on you and your work before even leaving your office or the courthouse.  But rather than fear this, embrace and employ it to your advantage.  When a limited scope practice client happily finishes a legal matter on which you helped them, they will feel confident, proud of themselves and happy.  That is what you seek.  For months and even years, they will tell people about their positive experience and the lawyer who helped them.

And keep in mind:  even though it may not be in your basic nature, ask them to spread the word.  These days, I am no longer surprised when other professionals, from doctors to hair stylists, politely ask me to tell my friends and family about their services.  That is no longer strictly within the domain of retailers and restaurants.  Whether through a follow-up “thank you” email, a brochure and business card, or some other method, ask for referrals when you thank the happy limited scope practice client and make it easy for them to spread the word.


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