You May Already Be Late!

Limited scope representation is already in use by lawyers across the United States and other countries.  You are fortunate that it is still a relatively unusual type of practice, but that will not last.

In Start and Grow Your Limited Scope Practice, you will find a concise description of the LSR Practice.  The book is rich with practical ideas you can put into place right away–ideas you will not find anywhere else! 

The Appendix also includes FREE forms and materials to help you build your own LSR practice in your own jurisdiction within the limits of the applicable rules of professional conduct.

Whether you plan to add LSR to your existing, traditional practice, or focus primarily on high-volume, focused simple services, there is already a large, growing market of people who want to avoid the costs and financial unpredictability of full-service legal representation in their legal matters. 

That pool of prospective clients will be served by someone.  Will it be you, or someone who beats you to it?  Get your copy of Start and Grow Your Limited Scope Practice: How to Make Money Serving the “Do-It-Yourself” Client today!


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