LSR Is “Servant Leadership”

My book, Start and Grow Your Limited Scope Practice, is subtitled “How to Make Money Serving the ‘Do It Yourself’ Client.”  The word “Serving” is not there by accident or some literary device.  LSR is the practice of law in a way that serves the needs of clients who only want to pay for a limited amount of your services.

Just like when money is no issue, a person normally prefers a luxury hotel or expensive automobile, but when frugality is the motive, they accept less in exchange for paying less, the LSR client is cost-conscious and wants to split the work in a way that fits the client’s budget and capabilities.  LSR clients are not looking for second-rate lawyering, they are looking for someone who can professionally guide them through their self-representation and even perform some of the most challenging aspects of it for them.  They seek professional services–your professional services.

Think of LSR as serving as a professional coach, specialist or guide, when the client is an athlete, generalist or tourist.  You draw on your special skills and knowledge to serve the client’s specific needs in a cost-effective arrangement that is both mutually agreeable and appropriate for the situation.  You may know lawyers who see themselves as superior beings to those who have not taken a bar exam.  They are akin to the surgeon with a “god complex” in the medical profession and have forgotten that the client is the person in charge of the representation.  LSR is antithetical to that mindset; it is all about service.

If you can see yourself leading others in their times of personal need with simple legal matters by helping them help themselves under your tutelage, then you are perfect for LSR.


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