Mobile Credit Card Readers For Solos

The LSR Practice can be highly portable, especially with laptops, iPads and other mobile computing devices.  That is great, but what about getting paid?  No one wants to carry around a lot of cash and personal checks (if the client even had any) are too risky.

In Start and Grow Your Limited Scope Practice: How to Make Money Serving the “Do It Yourself” Client, I have a chapter devoted to containing everyday expenses so you can keep more of the lower fees you will be able to charge for limited scope services.  (See info on a discount for blawg followers in an earlier post.)  One of those recommendations is to get a credit card reader for your mobile phone or laptop.

There are two companies who announced convenient readers over the past few days.  Paypal has a Virtual Terminal service with its MagnaSafe reader.  But that system does not work with American Express cards and probably others.  So now PayPal has introduced the “PayPal Here” device.  Only a few merchants were able to get one at first.  This webpage let’s you get on the notification list for the broader release scheduled for April 2012.  The device and app will first be available only for iPhones, then for Android devices.

Not to be outdone, Intuit will provide the reader at no charge if you use their payment service.  GoPayment works essentially the same way, and you do not need a monthly contract if you choose to simply pay a small processing fee per transaction.  Works on a wide range of Apple and Android mobile devices.

Now, you have no reason to miss out on “walk up” business at your mobile LSR event!


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