Working Smarter

The secret to efficiency in your office is making sure work flows with little to no wasted time, effort or supplies.  There is a whole industry built around improving business processes, but you do not need to hire an expert.  Do it yourself.

If you already have an office, chart the way information flows from the first inquiry by a prospective client through storing the file after the work is finished and paid for.  If you are planning a new practice, you can do it in your mind.  Draw it out, including expected and unexpected events.  Make an outline or a flow chart–whichever works best for you–then make sure your staff goes over it to make sure you do not omit anything.  ANYthing.

TRAP ALERT:  be careful how you ask questions and test their answers.  Some will tell you about the way workshouldhappen, embarassed to tell you the truth.  You want the truth, no matter how ugly.


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