Missing An Opportunity By Focusing On The Threat

The editorial today by Bloomberg, “For an Easy, Affordable, Lawyer-Free Divorce, Check ‘Yes,'”, captures much of the issue well.  It describes a “profound shift in the way Americans in all 50 states exit marriage.”

Those who are most frightened by this shift probably should be.  When your target market rejects your business model, it is time to adapt or perish.

Limited Scope Representation is one way lawyers are adapting.  Most simply add these services to their normal practices; some go “all in” and set up high-volume, low-involvement, pay-as-you-go client services business operations.  Either way, it keeps them from going out of business.

Stuck on how to get started?  Get my book.  It includes very unique, practical advice and forms for every lawyer from the newly-licensed (or about to be) to those who have been in traditional firms for decades.  Feel the fear–of changes in the legal marketplace, the economy and even society in general–but take decisive action anyway.

This book, and future posts here, will show you how to “Start and Grow Your Limited Scope Practice.”



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