I Would Rather Write Than (Rhymes With ‘Switch’)

During the economic downturn, the stress on the legal profession became open and painful for many lawyers and frightening for law school students.  The client base was hit hard and that hurt business.

But “legal problems happen” regardless of the economy and some become more common or more intense as a result of the bad economic environment.  Unlike most areas of the U.S. economy, the Great Recession did not destroy demand and need for legal services, it gutted the ability of many to pay much for them.

But we continued to produce new law school gradutates with record levels of debt.

Push has come to shove.  New lawyers must look for new ways to use their licenses to deliver legal services.  Clients are out there in huge numbers looking for new ways to purchase those services.

Some of you may remember the old cigarette commercials where the actor stated, “I’d rather fight than switch,” indicating deep brand loyalty.  By analogy, I prefer to look for and implement solutions, including trying new alternatives that may fail, rather than bemoan the way the public’s needs have changed.  So I wrote Start and Grow Your Limited Scope Practice to encourage primarily new lawyers to become entrepreneurs and enhance our profession through creative marketing and delivery models. 

Get the book.  Read it.  Come back here and join the discussion.  Lawyers are notorious for arguing even when they agree.  Surely you will have some opinion on the points in the book.  I look forward to the discussion!


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